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Horizon Abyssinia Cloud Computing Certification Training is an integrated professional course aimed at providing learners with the skills and knowledge of cloud computing, the cloud-based IT infrastructure services available as on-demand service alternatives to the traditional on-premise infrastructure services, thereby reducing administrative and managerial costs and expenses. 

Data Science

Data Scientists have the potential to dominate the present and future job market, and gaining Data Science Training is an excellent opportunity to seize. This course is suitable for professionals in search engine domains, e-commerce, software professionals seeking a career change, as well as fresh graduates.
Horizon Abysinia helps you gain a deep understanding of data science concepts and provides practical experience.

Enroll in the most widely recognized cybersecurity training to improve your cybersecurity skills. Some of the highly-recognized Cybersecurity courses offered by Horizon Abyssinia Learning, such as CompTIA, CCSA,  CEH, CISA,  CISM, CISSP, and more, will assist IT professionals in gaining a correct understanding of cloud security, app security, cryptography, IoT, data integrity, identity and access management, network security, and more.

Artificial Intellegence

Nowadays, every industry has been touched by AI-powered technology in one way or the other. From creating and deploying software that can detect cancer cells to developing driverless vehicles, machine learning is here to stay. Our expert-curated curriculum will equip you to play a critical role in the rapid dissemination of products powered by AI and machine learning. 

With a solid foundation in C++, Java, and Python, Horizon Abysinnia has honed skills in data structures and algorithms through engaging coursework during your class. We have hands-on experience implementing these concepts in personal projects and actively challenging ourselves on platforms like LeetCode. Our expertise encompasses efficiently designing and implementing algorithms, utilizing essential data structures, and applying analytical problem-solving techniques.


Our Microsoft SQL Server training will empower your SQL Server knowledge and skills to the next level. Develop robust databases, learn SQL queries, design scalable Transact-SQL applications, understand data warehousing concepts, and make custom BI - Business Intelligence solutions for the more amazing insight into data to make more intelligent business decisions.

Capacity Building

Welcome visitors to  capacity building landing page . As you know, capacity building is activities can consist of training and mentorships.


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